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Why The Zambia Catholic University is the Best University for you

1. Integration of Ethos in the University Curriculum
What sets us apart from other tertiary institution is the Integration of a strong ethos in the University curriculum. The University foundation courses include courses in Ethics, The Social teachings of the church and Information Technology. These programs are aimed at preparing professionals who possess critical thinking skills and an appreciation and recognition of the inherent human dignity. As a University, we believe that education should prepare one to three ultimate ends; "the attainment of the common good, and the acceptance of the inherent human dignity, the reservation of family values.

2. Holistic Education
We believe that education should be holistic, it should prepare one, not only academically, but also socially, mentally and spiritually. Throughout the time one is at our institution, these values are inculcated using both academic and extra curriculum activities. Every Sunday and Wednesday, there is mass in the University Chapel. The University also as a vibrant Small Christian Community - Catholic Student Community (CASC) - that engages youths in evangelical work. Furthermore, the University, through the Office of the Dean of Students has an active sport curriculum for students to participate in tournaments locally and with other universities.
Time Table for Def/Supp Exam/ Results Publication for the Jan - May 2016 Semester
The Deffered and Supplimentary Exams are scheduled to be take place between 23 - 27 of June 2016. Click here to get a copy of the  Time Table

Enrolment for Full Time June 2016

We are currently enrolling for the June 2016 intake in all full time and part time programs. For courses being offered, click here or to download the application form, click here.

FIA Certificate Program
We are currently enrolling student into the FIA certificate program.
Publication of Semester Results
20th June 2016

Registration of New/Returning  Students
27th June - 6th July 2016

Classes Begin
11th July 2016

May 1: Labor Day
Celebration of commemorate Labor Day, Events to be coordinated by ZCUSO

May 2 - 6: Study Week
Study break in readiness for the End of semester exams

From: Business Managment and Finance, Social Science and Education

Course Revision

The Academic Curriculum have been revised, students are advised to check the University Notice Board or the Head of Departments for the updated version of the curriculum.

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Suplimentary/Deffered Exam Time Table