The Bachelor of Arts Economics Degree programme is designed to give students a good starting point for their career and a whole new different perspective on everyday life. It provides broad intellectual training, providing the foundations of knowledge of how the economy works and helping the development of the relevant skills for the constructive use of that knowledge. The programme is intellectually robust and of contemporary relevance. It is designed to enhance studentsí understanding of a wide-range of economic issues; analytical decision-making skills; communication skills; and global awareness necessary to function in changing business, socio-economic, and learning environments.

Study areas or courses covered include macroeconomics, microeconomics, mathematics for economists, statistics, econometrics, money and banking, history of economic thought, public finance, investment analysis, project management, managerial economics, environmental and natural resources economics, financial accounting, agricultural economics, labour economics, health economics, development economics, industrial economics, financial markets, international economics.


The general aim of the Bachelor of Economics programme is to produce economists of excellence at undergraduate level who are well educated and adaptable with appropriate knowledge and professional skills to meet the existing needs and demands of employment and entrepreneurship
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P.O Box: 260410
Tel: 260 212 733201
Cell: 260979233664 | 260968948551

P.O Box: 260410
Tel: 260 212 733201
Cell: 260979233664 | 260968948551
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P.O Box: 260410
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