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The Truth Shall Set You Free (John 8:32)

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"Catholic Education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ In the lives of others" (John Paul II, 1979). The Catholic Church's vision of education has always been the intergral development of the human person in accordance with the Gospel values. The approach to education has always been and will always remain holistic.

Hence the specific purpose of the Catholic University is formation of boys and girls, men and women who will be good citizens of the world.

Our Patron Saint |
St.Thomas More

The patron saint of the University is St. Thomas More, an English Martyr, whose life was/is truly an example for all who are called to serve humanity and society, who, "as a statesman always placed himself at the service of the human statesman always placed himself at the service of the human person, especially the weak and poor, "over whom" honour and wealth held no sway" but was guided by an outstanding sense of fairness, who never compromised his conscience (John Paul II Jubillee Message, No.5, November 2000)

The University

The University provides a living institutional witness to Christ and his message:
To research in the light of the Christian message and to put new discoveries at the service of humankind and society;
To offer a holistic formation for men and women capable of rational, critical judgement and conscious of transcendent of the human person;

To Accord professional training that incorporates ethical values and a sense of service to individuals and to socity, and to proffer dialogue between culture and faith.

University Office

ZCCB Chairman / University Chancellor

Archbishop Ignatius Chama

University Council Chairperson

Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick Chisanga

University Vice Chancellor

Rev. Fr. Dr. Patrick Chilambwe STD

University Deputy Vice Chancellor

Rev. Fr.Dr. Paul Simukanzye
University Registrar

Mr. Philip N. Phiri

Finance Administrator

Mr. Shadrick Kasoma Makumba
Faculty of Business Management & Finance

Mr. Sungani Kaira | Dean

Faculty of Social Science

Sr. Lubanga Petronella | Dean

Faculty of Education

Mr. Joackim Chisanga | Dean
Dean of Students

Sr. Rosemary Mwima

University Acting Librarian

Mrs. Charity Musawa Mwale
University Chaplain

Rev. Fr. Joe Komakoma


The motto of the University is: “The truth shall set you free” (Veritas Vos Liberabit)(John 8:32). This is inspired by Jesus Christ. This “truth” liberates the manifold abilities of all members of the University and they continue to play a contrastive and positive role in the church and the society.

Our View | Education

Education, by definition, seeks to awaken students’ senses of responsibility for their own lives, the lives of others and their environment. Education is meant to help students understand their capacity to act in changing unjust situations and to refuse to “take in the supposed impossibility of changing the world”

(John Paul II, "Reconcile and Repent," no.16)

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