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The faculty of education offers programs that are based on Christian principles in academic work, research, and the promotion of critical thinking which are intended to promote the dignity of the leaners, and all round development of education. It provides programs that prepare teachers to teach at the primary and secondary school levels of education. The faculty has a very clear and noble mandate – to produce efficient, effective, dedicated hard working and honest teachers who will contribute to the social, economic, spiritual and political development not only of Zambia but the global village as a whole.

This faculty of is focused on producing primary and secondary teachers of high academic caliber, who are honest and hardworking, and are to provide sound and holistic education to the learners
The faculty has the following Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs


- Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education - (Civic Education, History, Geography, English Language, Religious Education,   Mathematics)
- Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education
- Diploma in Teaching Methodology (Only on Distance)
- Bachelor of Commerce with Education
- Bachelor of Secondary Education (Guidance and Counseling with a Teaching Subject)


Master of Education with specialization in:-
- Educational Administration and Planning
- Master of Art in Religious Studies
- Master of Art in Human Geography
- Master of Art in Linguistics
All Students enrolled under this faculty are required to conduct a research at the end of their programs as a requirement before graduation

Computer Packages included in the Faculty to aid with learning of Education

Microsoft Office
IBM Statistical Package for Social Science

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