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Faculty of Social Science

Welcome to the faculty of social science. This faculty is offering a wide range of disciplines and activities. The faculty of social science is very valuable because of its flexibility and the transitional skills offered to the students.  The heavy emphasis on critical thinking, writing and speaking skills prepares students not only for careers today, but for careers that are yet to exist. If you have a social science student, you can easily move from one discipline to another, because you learn how to learn.
The faculty has the following Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs


- Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies
- Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
- Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
- Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication
- Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations
- Bachelor of Arts in Film and Fine Arts


- Master of Art in Gender and Development Studies
- Master of Art in Peace and Conflict Management
All Students enrolled under this faculty are required to conduct a research at the end of their programs as a requirement before graduation

Computer Packages included in the Faculty to aid with learning of Social Sciences

Microsoft Office
IBM Statistical Package for Social Science

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